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Sunday, Feb. 1st short video Mom and Dad’s 65th celebration at Burnaby General

April 14th, 2009

Didn’t realize I had this on my computer even – saw it for the first time just now and know you’ll want it too.   I don’t know if Steve took more than this and has them on his computer but just this is precious.   You’ll hear Rita Hoehne mostly, but both Mom and Dad speak briefly.    Mom was having her last “rebound” before her final physical earthly descent.    She had been completely unresponsive Friday and only slightly responsive Saturday so it felt like a bonus to have her aware enough to enjoy her anniversary celebration.    I hope Steve has more video and I’ll post for sure if he does.

I’m so glad to have video of feeding our “little bird” and of Opa being so hale and hardy before he started developing that 2nd horrendous bout of pneumonia just a couple days after this.   I asked the nurses to check his meds for cough inducing side effects Tues. or Weds. of that week and by the Friday night he was gripping the bedrail for dear life as if that helped him to breath.    The Lord has had mercy and we can thank Him through the tears.