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Sunday, Feb. 1st short video Mom and Dad’s 65th celebration at Burnaby General

April 14th, 2009

Didn’t realize I had this on my computer even – saw it for the first time just now and know you’ll want it too.   I don’t know if Steve took more than this and has them on his computer but just this is precious.   You’ll hear Rita Hoehne mostly, but both Mom and Dad speak briefly.    Mom was having her last “rebound” before her final physical earthly descent.    She had been completely unresponsive Friday and only slightly responsive Saturday so it felt like a bonus to have her aware enough to enjoy her anniversary celebration.    I hope Steve has more video and I’ll post for sure if he does.

I’m so glad to have video of feeding our “little bird” and of Opa being so hale and hardy before he started developing that 2nd horrendous bout of pneumonia just a couple days after this.   I asked the nurses to check his meds for cough inducing side effects Tues. or Weds. of that week and by the Friday night he was gripping the bedrail for dear life as if that helped him to breath.    The Lord has had mercy and we can thank Him through the tears. 


Schroeder Talking Letters

December 6th, 2008

Dad Freeman has been in the hospital since Nov. 7, 2008.   TV is not “mom’s thing” so I have been looking through their entertainment centre shelves and finding boxes of cassette tapes to play with and for her (I use them as a parent would use TV as a babysitter sometimes).  The tapes include sermons, music, and “talking letters” from family members. Part 1 is a tape made to John Ehlers and Freemans Feb. 1975 when John was attending PBI.   Part 2 is a tape from Grandpa and Grandma Schroeder, aunts/uncles, which was recorded at a Schroeder family reunion summer 1976 - Grandpa and Grandma talk in November ‘76 before sending the tape to us in Three Hills (this one had me laughing outloud - you’ll see why).

 The tapes keep breaking and my Steve keeps fixing them as he digitizes them.  Mary Ehlers Anderson and Grandpa doing a program for the seniors at Vista Ray is still to come - quite broken at the moment.  I guarantee you will love these and will be encouraged in your faith and fall in love with Grandpa and Grandma all over again.  Mom has been rapturous listening to them. 

Update Dec. 30th - Mom also went into the hospital on Dec. 8th.   They will be transferring to a care home together once the paperwork is done and a placement becomes available.   I’m so thankful that we were able to listen to the tapes 1st time through together and I’m doubly thankful that Steve took the time and effort to digitize these.